Patient Speaks

Dear doctor Niraj ,‎

Thank you so much for bringing such a lovely difference in my smile !! It's so much more prettier now ! And my teeth healthier !! I never imagined that such a long ortho treatment at the age of 48 could be so comfortable. You made me believe it now! Honestly I had anticipated it to be very difficult and full of emergent troubles and much more ! But during the 23 months' long treatment not a single extra unplanned seating , not a single unpredicted complication!! That's your expertise!! ‎It has been amazing for me that even the movements of teeth were so planned and predicted perfect!!

I would definitely love to recommend you to anyone who wants to have smile prettier and confident !

Thank you..

I couldn’t be more delighted with my new smile; no more feeling embarrassed but smiling with confidence. I hardly dared believe the result would be so good.Before my treatment I had no confidence in myself, I wouldn’t smile. Throughout my treatment, my confidence has improved a lot.

Dr.Niraj Bhatt and all the staff are amazing and have done everything I could have ever asked for. They have given me the perfect smile and the confidence to do what I want in my life. I am doing great with my brand new smile. I am getting a ton of compliments on them, and I owe thanks for that.

I can’t thank you all enough. Thanks so much again.

Great friendly service and so caring. Excellent treatment and would not hesitate to recommend. I am really happy with the result. Thank you..

Vidhya Venkitachalam

I had an absolutely great experience at the clinic. I wanted to get a braces treatment done, but was scared of it . When I approached Dr. Niraj and spoke to him about it, he calmed me down and walked me through the process. He did quite a painless treatment, and has a very steady hand. Loved the results. The assistant nurses were also helpful.

Neha Dixit

I had my braces done here and in all honesty one of the best dentists who really follows a very thorough procedure and makes sure you don't face too much discomfort throughout the time taken for the braces. Also in the end the results really feel very comfortable and good.

Aanchal Bengeri